Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Butternut, Carrot, Ginger

Happy New Year
and, so Happy to be here!
This is my very first post here on Bacon vs. Tofu
Every year around this time
I panic a bit and make a resolution
to start the new year with a healthy detox cleanse*...
*a break from the coffee, sugar, dairy, and copious amounts of pure garbage that I usually enjoy

When my girl Monica e-mailed this recipe
I thought...
I have a few hours to kill on a Sunday and I'm going to seriously make this soup
since it's all cleansy vegan and what not.

Like actually make it, and not just write it down

It turned out so good

next time I'll make a quadruple batch, and eat it for weeks
and also, next time, I wont try to blend it in the blender while it's still boiling hot.

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