Thursday, March 8, 2012

Japanese potatoes(Shinjaga shouyu bataa)

I sliced a part of my finger off the other day with my new sharp knife(are you hungry now?). I'm telling you this because I like the feeling of seeing you cringe(kidding) as you read this and because I needed a recipe with minimal knife usage. I also wanted a super easy and new potato dish. I came across this. It doesn't get any easier than 5 ingredients. I guess it is traditionally fried, but this person suggested baking for a healthier alternative.


small potatoes
soy sauce
butter(I used earth balance)
kosher salt

This site tells it all.

Mix well! I baked mine uncovered for 30 min til they were golden brown and crispy. I sprinkled a decent amount of black pepper(or the japanese pepper she suggests) and had a pretty awesome side dish! I didn't know butter and soy sauce were such a good team. Thankfully, the Japanese knew.

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